Don’t get afraid. We are with you. We are here to help you know the truth. Help is on the way. Veritas is a friend. A buddy. A family.




We are with you on your journey.

Veritas wants you to open the eye of your heart! Well, in this world full of lies and negativity here comes the TRUTH. We love you and we would like to share you nothing but the truth. Forget the pain! Don’t mind the strain! You deserve the best and we love to feel it to every inch of you. Please slap yourself because you are reading that right! This is not a dream or a promise meant to be broken. You should have enough of that already. Luh! Well, VERITAS is the site exclusively for you.

Life is a painting drawn by your decision. Would you waste time for nothing? Please shout NO! Every day, the blank canvass faces you with thousands or even millions of possibilities and ideas, and your ability to draw between great art can mean the difference between an output of positivity or negativity, conflict or peace, black or white, hate or love.

Life is full of pathways and you must select which way to go through your choices. How will you take your time? Where are you heading to? What will you say? Each decision leads you to a different way with its own set of challenges. Each way is a journey paired with lessons you need to load up as a gasoline.

You seek reality, right? Is it not better to spend time wandering through it instead of hiding yourself on the dark lie, right? If you cannot learn to know the truth, how can you expect to handle it, right? Okay enough with that right thingy. We at VERITAS want you to spend every waking hour in focus of your goals and dreams. You need to walk endlessly to understand complete reality.

Get in touch with us every moment and don’t forget us. We are one family after all. We will never leave you like what your ex did. You are our voice. You are our eye. You are our body. You are what make us. Please let us be with you on your journey.


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