Overseas Filipino Winner: A tribute to the OFW


Whoever they are, you will really be going to miss them.

Most of us have taken the opportunity for granted to embrace our family while others are weeping in sorrow every night brought by their loved ones working overseas. At times, we may realize that those who have a complete family is very lucky knowing that their loved ones are around. They can call them right away and talk personally, hug them, kiss them, or even bond and laugh together with them.

Because of uncertainty and our needs, more or less than 10.2 million* Filipinos are working abroad and are fighting with loneliness and sorrow trying to escape the reality of life. Some had been beaten and molested to death without even thinking OFW has a family and they are human too! Some left the Philippines alive and came back cold in a white rectangular box.

I admire all the Filipinos working abroad sacrificing blood and sweat just to sustain the needs of their family here in the Philippines. They work with courage and love fighting for hope that they could uplift their living and family as well. They are the true hero of the century and of the country. The airport may be a great place to visit but it has witnessed thousands or even millions of crying Filipinos telling goodbye to their loved ones. The hardest part of it was to walk away hearing the pain of leaving your family.

The journey of being an OFW isn’t that facile. They wake up every day realizing that they are far from their loved ones. While some of them can talk via an online platform allowing to call either through video or audio, many are still unable to contact their family once they were there in their workplace, not even seldom. The hard truth is that they sleep at night thinking that the easy life that once they thought will go through a rough and rocky road. A road full of tremble, pain, and struggles trying to hone their status. Some succeed, some fail. And even some were not able to go halfway.

The feeling of loneliness and despondency cannot be paid off by any amount of salary they may receive. Sometimes, they never receive the amount they truly deserve for working there. Some even did not receive anything at all! Some leave their workplace to escape their harsh employer trying to seek help from the government.

The sacrifices they made are worth to thank for and recognized. They are the superman and superwoman of the country. The moment they left the country, that’s the moment they are sacrificing their life already. I admire the courage and firmness they have and I do hope that the hard work they did will be paid off with the happiness and love of their family. Who else wanted to be far from our loved ones? Nobody!

For all the OFW around the world, I would like to say thank you. The firmness you have in spite of every problem that you may have encountered along the road is what inspires us that you do really love your family. I want to hug every one of you to let you feel that you are loved. You are an OFW. A winner.


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