Thanks, Mom: A Special Mother’s Day


“Mom, where are my shoes?” “Mom, I’m hungry!” “Ma, I have an assignment.” “Ma, I need to talk with you. I have a problem.” “Ma, I need to buy this.” Ma? Do you have some money?”

In almost every situation, we are calling our mother. They are there right from the start. They caress us, embrace us with their warm love. Did you ever wonder if you could live without your mom? Maybe, it would be hard for most of us to grow without a mother. It is like our mother is where we get a strength from. It is like they are our power needed to move.

The flame of their love cannot be extinguished. It is as warm as the Sun. Their love is as wide as the universe. No matter how unruly we are or how importunate we are sometimes, their patience stretched like a rubber. The fact that they are working hard just to sustain our needs are very admirable. They may be tired sometimes from work. They may work more than 8 hours a day. But their role being a mother does not have an ending. They are mothers 24/7. They don’t even get a salary for it and they are not asking anything in return except for our love.

There are times that we may not understand their way of loving us. There are times that they do not allow us with the things we wanted to do. There are even times they force us what to do even if we don’t want to. We may get annoyed with their command or requests sometimes, but they are our mothers. Be thankful no matter who she is. She is perfect in a way for you. You are a sculpture from her.

There is a great relativity between you and your mother. There is a special and powerful connection you both can’t see but you can feel it. It’s love. Sometimes, we may be far away from our mother but we can still feel their hugs and kisses through their care, concern, and advice. They may scold us sometimes for what we did, it is their love who reigns in their heart.

Who wakes you up in the morning when a strong gravity pulls you towards your bed? Who do you seek to when you have lost your things? Who do you call when you are hungry? Who do we ask for money when we want to buy something? WHO IS ALWAYS THERE WHEN WE NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK WITH? Our MOTHER! They never leave us no matter how hard the situation is. Not a thing even if they are so tired.

Being a mother is a role and a responsibility at the same time. It is a black and white in the color spectrum. We are the white canvass of their life and they wanted us to be colorful as much as we can. They are hoping for nothing but the best for us. They want that their artwork will be great and is recognized as a good work. They help us form to what we are today. They paint us with great care and love.

Sometimes, we become naughty in any way. They cried in secret without realizing that they are hurt. They carried uncountable thoughts, problems, and dilemma every day and they do need our love. But no matter how far have you gone already or no matter how black your hearts is, they still welcome you with wide arms open. They do even care for you more to bring you to the right path, to the right light.

There are people who were not gifted with a mother. But they are gifted with a father, a sister or a brother, a family, a friend, or even those people who never left them no matter how difficult the way they were going through, they can be your mother. Sometimes, you don’t need to be from their womb to become their son or daughter. You just need to feel it by heart that you are. You are lucky. There is a purpose with that. Be thankful.

Well, what would the world look like without our mother? That’s why we have reserved this very special day tho celebrate the triumph of all the mothers around the world! They deserve our hugs and kisses, our love. Have you asked your mother the questions in the introduction above? Tell her now how happy you are that she is your mom! Tell her you love her so much. For all the mothers in the world, “Happy Mother’s Day!”. We love you and we always will! This is not the only day you can tell her you love her. Every single day is a special day to thank our queen, our MOTHER.


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