Understand Love: Know what’s real or not


Let me ask you something. Are you in a relationship or single? That is a very simple question which some or most, I don’t know, may answer incorrectly. While honest and loyal tells the truth, cheaters will do everything to fool their victim. But if you are a single that is reading this, just HOLD ON! This is to open our eyes for the present and for the future. Let’s find out what is real and what’s not. It is not about being taken or not. Yes! You heard I mean read that right. This is about you being really in love or illusion.

Foremost, learn to understand love. Next, try to love yourself. Is it possible to love someone without loving yourself first? Impossible. When you say you love someone even if you don’t accept yourself for who you are, you will be having a hard time in truly loving him. It is like you said you were eating but actually just drinking water. Why? Real love starts from within before it goes outward. Before you can give love, you need to have love first.

When you truly love yourself, you can truly love the others.

The temptation is alright but being tempted isn’t good. Of course, when you truly love someone you will never think of it though. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to heartache. Though reasons of being tempted actually vary from situation to situation, please stay away from it. Would you like to ruin your beautiful palace for a stinky canal? Of course, NOT! Then focus where you should be heading to.

Just try to avoid or else relationship will be void.

Why do we hate cheaters when we train ourselves to be a cheater? The school is a heaven and hell at the same time, right? Don’t deny the fact that we all love and hate school and there is where we make ourselves a cheater, too. When somebody cheated on you. try to be open minded. Why? You need to know the reasons of what, when, where, who and why. Don’t forget how it happens too. I NEVER tolerate cheaters or encourage them. What I want here is to show love and understanding. If you truly love him, try to change him. It isn’t real that a cheater will always be a cheater. Changes are constant and always will be.

You can hate, you can love but, you can’t do both at the same time.

Don’t let cheaters cheat on you. When he does a mistake once, it’s alright. Tell him and yourself to learn from it. But when he does, it over and over again, he will be having a hard brake to stop it. You have two choices here, leave and get hurt once or stay and feel the pain every day. The two choices are the same. You will get hurt. But when you allow others to fool you. that’s the moment you need to slap yourself. That’s not loving anymore, that’s stupidity.

You just know how to love truly when you truly comprehend your worth.

Taking possession of someone you love is good when you both are in a relationship. Please don’t assume if you are not in a relationship with that guy. Well, his over being over possessive might choke you and might result to the death of a feeling. Try to talk with him regarding with the problem. Let him loosen the leash. You are not a dog!

Never allow someone to rule over you. You are the driver of your own car (unless you hired a driver)

Actually, there is a countless thing we need to know when we are in a relationship. Most of it, of course, is not here. We need to reign love. Hate is a device slowly killing us. Try to communicate well when you have a problem. Voice it out.

Every problem has an infinite number of solution. Every day has always a night.

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