Why Am I Here?

Every time you visit this website, you may feel like you’re coming home.

You are here not by accident or by reason, you are reading this now for a purpose. Every waking hour is a great opportunity to learn a wide variety of things. Know that you are born for a purpose. It may change you, your family, the people around you, the nation or even the world. But what is solely the purpose?

Our purpose differs from each other. You wake up every day without knowing the purpose and you’d sleep at night realizing the beauty of life. Though sometimes we stumbled on a rock, we are strong enough to rise up again and fight. Our courage and determination are what keep us surviving. Our own will is what makes the way either good or bad. Our future is literally in our own hand. We navigate our journey or let others manipulate us.

There are moments that we got confused about our own journey. It is essential to ask for a guidance from the higher power. Signs and advice are what may help us decide for our self. We need to know our own reflection and realize our own worth. It brings us the contributions that we have made to the strength, prosperity, abundance, and well-being of humanity.

We will not stay as a kid forever. We need to learn through experience and pain that we feel. We also learn from these things. This gives us confidence. We grow with the trials of life and we should do our mission in the world. We must appreciate the time of our existence. Be productive in every second running.

Be sure of your decisions. We can’t undo things that are already done. When we ruined already our way, we can fix it. But we can’t fully make it the same way as it is before. When we lost things, there is a big chance that we might not have it again. Try to value the purpose of the things around you. Learn the importance of the people in your circle.

We are the boss and the servant at the same time. We can hate. We can love. But we can’t do both at the same time. We need to be firm about out own mindset. Our inconsistencies may lead us to a dark path but we can learn from it. Always remember that the light is always there. We need to follow our heart and brain at the same time. Balance is a key we can use to unlock a lot of possibilities. We are the future of the past. We are the purpose we need. We never realize that the person we ever need in our life is our self.

You are here reading for a purpose. You are an amazing person. Try to open your heart. We are one family after all. A family of love, compassion, strength, positivity and hope. We will stand together like a sequoia tree. Standing firm through different difficulties and hardships. We will climb the ups and downs of life. We will never leave you. Please don’t leave us behind too. We are one after all.